Has Announced UK Node

banner 300x280, a cloud server provider that is hosting, has announced new datacenter location which is in London, UK. With this new pop location then users can now deploy fastest cloud server in UK and have a great low latency connection across Europe. This has been announced officially on their blog. The new location is named as EU-West-1.

Hence, with this new location members can now deploy new cloud server in six data center locations including New York, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Dallas, and Orlando. Wow! So I am now eagerly waiting for to step their foot and make availability in Asia like in Singapore.

Fast SSD Cloud Server in London (UK) at DC

So here it is a quick benchmark test on cloud server in London (done at CentOS 6 512MB RAM): benchmark test result:

London DC benchmark test

vHWInfo benchmark test result:

London DC benchmark test

Simple DD test result:


Nice performance! Also read my short review of here.

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